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Terms & Conditions

Governing Law

Many claim relating to the Zoklean web site shall be governed by the laws of California without regard to its conflict of law provisions.


  • If we arrive at your home and it is in an extremely dirty state, additional charges will be assessed. Any additional fees will be discusses with customer prior to work commencing.

  • We do not clean human feces, pet feces, blood or any bodily fluids due to health, safety and legal requirements. If we come to your home and are unable to clean due to these safety concerns service fee will be assessed of $100.

  • If your home’s square footage is larger than our bedroom and bathroom limitations shown on our booking form, then there will be an additional square footage charge applied due to larger common areas.

  • If you’re not content with your cleaning, you must let us know within 24 hours of your completed booking and we will come out for a re-clean (within a 3 day window).Please note that refunds are not offered prior to a Re-Clean being accepted. A Re-Clean will only be completed within a 3 day window from your date of service, otherwise it will be considered denied. No refund will be offered if a Re-Clean is denied.

  • If for any reason service has been rendered but not paid for. A daily $25 charge will be applied to the bill after one day non-payment up until payment in full is received.

  • If payment has not been received in 5 business days, legal and criminal action will be pursued for non-payment against customer.


  • At fault breakages to customers’s belongings must be reported immediately and no later than 72 hours after completion of booking. At-fault breakages will be reimbursed after proper investigation, up to $500.

  • We always take the most care during cleaning, but the nature of job means breakages are more possible. We advise any antiques, valuables and perishables to be stored away safely before cleaners arrive to your home.