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Terms Of Service

Thanks for using Zoklean!

We understand how hard it is to organize and find quality professionals to keep your home, business and office clean and it is our goal to make the process and simple and satisfying as possible.

What we do ?

Zoklean is Software-as-a-Service for users that connects you to professional cleaners for you home, business or office. You pay our network of vetted cleaners an upfront price based on the specs of your space. All scheduling, payment and recurring visits are handled through the Zoklean platform. It's a revolutionary way to simplify your life and streamline home service.

Your Relationship with Zoklean

You must follow any Conditions of Use connected with our Site. Whenever you use our Site and Services your actions fall under the terms of a legal contract with us.This contract is made up of the Conditions of Use and any relationship you enter into with a Contractor.This contract is made up of the Conditions of Use and any relationship you enter into with a Contractor.If you violate the Conditions of Use by providing inaccurate payment information, or causing grief for Contractors, we can terminate you from the Site.You can stop using our Services at any time, although we will be sorry to see you go. Sometimes you may incur fees for canceling Services if you prematurely terminate a long-term contract that has not yet ended.While we don't plan to discontinue any service, we reserve the right to stop providing services to you or to add or create new limits to our Services at any time.Since the Services are generally performed at a physical location, we will need to share certain of your personal information with the Contractor(s) so that he/she/they can complete the Services you ordered.You agree to arbitrate any matters in San Diego, CA.

Zoklean's Relationship with You

Zoklean is committed to safeguarding your privacy online (please review our Privacy Policy).While we cannot guarantee all work performed, we are committed to delivering satisfactory work, so help us out by promptly letting us know if there is a problem with any Cleaning.

About Your Responsibilities

Our goal is to make quality, consistent Cleaning easier than ever so that you are no longer at the mercy of cleaners who never show up when they say they will, do not perform at the level you expect, and charge you by arbitrary calculations. With that change in accountability come some responsibilities:You are responsible for accurately describing the Cleaning you would like performed.You are responsible to pay for all the Services you agree to receive.You need to make sure any Services are performed properly. If they are not and you do not timely report the inadequate performance of Services, we cannot help you.It's your responsibility to look after your account security and passwords.Activities that happen on your account are your responsibility.